Sunday, 6 January 2013

How to execute sql queries online?

Oracle Apex provides online space for you to create and execute your sql queries. Please follow these steps to create an account with Oracle Apex and then enjoy with your personalised tablespace and schema. This is freeware and Oracle doesn't charge anything for this. It is the best way if you don't want to install Oracle on your system and don't want to slow down your system. Another advantage of Oracle Apex is that you have all your tables and data online and you don't have to maintain it, Oracle will do that for you. You can access your database from anywhere you want.

Follow these steps to create an account on Oracle Apex.

1)  Log in to . Please don't use www with the web address. Click on Request a Free Workspace to proceed further.


2) Click on Get Started, you will be directed to next page to provide your personal information.

3) Provide your details as shown. Make sure to provide correct email address, as this be validated. Click Next.

4) Then provide a unique name for your workspace. Remember this as this will be required everytime you login to apex. Click Next. 

5) Please provide the name of the schema and select 10 from drop down as this will be more than sufficient space to start with. Click Next.

6) Before proceeding further please fill this short survey as shown. It will take less than a minute. Click Next.

7) On next screen provide a short explanation that why you want to use this service. Click Next.

8) Read the terms and conditions of using the Oracle Apex. Then click on checkbox I accept the terms and click next to proceed further.

9)  Verify the details and provide the verification code in the box to complete your registration process.

10) Go to the login screen and provide the information you have filled in previous steps. You will receive     the password on email id which you have provided. You can change the password later on. Click on Login to Application Express.

11)  On this screen click on SQL workshop to get your SQL command window.

12)  Click on SQL commands to proceed further.

13)  That it !! Type in your queries and click on Run to execute your queries. You can create any object you want. I hope you will love this. Please post your comments and like this page.


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